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Expanding my analysis beyond America, with a sobering conclusion.

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Recently, I analyzed where exactly I could escape climate change within the United States. I picked three northerly regions and ultimately settled on the Upper Midwest as the best place to ride out the climate apocalypse we may face if the status quo persists.

ProPublica and The New York Times…

You should care more about consuming consciously than not having kids or scorning others who do.

Credit: Christopher DOMBRES

Does the name ‘Malthus’ ring a bell?

In 1798, Thomas Malthus warned of an impending ecological trap driven by overpopulation. As he saw it, exponential population growth would override arithmetic growth in agricultural yields. He foresaw too many mouths to feed and not enough food to feed them. …

The future of our democracy and our planet hinges on the experiences and emotions of one old man. Perhaps that was a grave mistake.

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Reports of Joe Manchin’s benevolence have been greatly exaggerated. King Coal has hijacked the climate provisions of Joe Biden’s transformative legislative agenda. He’s spent months delivering farcical sermons to defend his cowardly positions. One minute, he worries about inflation. The next, he worries about having enough money to fund the…

I spoke with a 22-year-old climate activist headed to Glasgow soon for COP26 whose unique background and experiences shape her perspective on environmental degradation and interconnected issues related to peace and justice.

Image credit: Elsa Barron

Elsa Barron grew up in a faith-based community that was somewhat skeptical of science. But over time, climate change became increasingly concerning to Elsa, and she couldn’t help but learn more about it and get involved.

Elsa is a recent graduate of Notre Dame with bachelor’s degrees in biological sciences…

Mitch McConnell just reiterated what Democrats should’ve known by now — they can either go it alone or go nowhere

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Sometimes, politics isn’t as complicated as it seems.

These days, the sky is blue, the grass is green, and Mitch McConnell is being Grand Ol’ Mitch again.

He just said something that reflects his political and governing philosophy to a tee. He reiterated that 100% of his focus is on…

“Only time, whatever that may be, will tell.”

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“Only time, whatever that may be, will tell.” — Stephen Hawking

In the 1960s, environmental consciousness became mainstream in America. Environmental concerns had escalated throughout the 1960s (mostly in response to the effects of industrial pollution). …

Danny Schleien

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